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Air Amplifications

Air Amplification

Air Amplification

Air Amplification is process which uses surrounding air and a little of Pressured / compressed air to create air flow or air Blow off. Which is known as Coanda effect

Air Amplification Process minimizes both Pressure loss and Noise Level.

The Blow off air from air amplifiers can cut through any boundry layer of heat and cool any object that is hot quite quickly depending on the material to be cooled

Application of Air Amplifiers


Cooling: Fast Cooling of materials like Aluminium and Brass Copper

Slow Cooling for material such as steel and Plastic

Conveying: Food Industries for conveying food items, such as peanuts, Groundnuts etc

Conveying cutting metal remains from the cutting position to a drum or a static place

Extractor: Fume Extractor from a welding place, where lot of dust is product. This dust is harmful and creates lot of pollution. With the help of Fume Extractor the fumes can be sucked and blown off in the air.