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Food Industries

Food Industries

Food Industries

Pneumatic Products are of great use for applications where cleaning, blowing off water and drying is required. In food Industries at many different stages cleaning, drying and Blowing is required. Therefore, in Food Industries different types of Pneumatic Products are always required.

For Example, for Blowing of the air and drying of Vegetable, Air Knives are used, in which the vegetables are passed on a conveyer through the air knives, so that the laminar flow of the air Blows off the excessive water, cleans and dries the vegetables easily.


Similarly, Air Knifes are also used in applications like blowing off excessive water from the bottles in which beverages are filled.

As shown in the picture below, the bottles pass through a conveyor, where air knives are installed which has a clean air supply. Due to this the excessive liquid blown out while filling the bottle will be blown off or dried away.

Another application of Air knife in Food Industries is that it blows off excessive materials, like excessive sugar from a muffin. As shown in the picture bellow, the muffins are conveyed on a conveyor on which the air knife is already installed.

When the muffin passes through the air knife at that time the excessive sugar on the muffin gets blown off prior to entering an oven to avoid burning of the sugar improving the quality of the end product.


Other Products like Air Conveyor, Air Amplifiers are also used to transport the material from one place to another. Like Peanuts or other food raw material are conveyed by a flow vac from a base to a hopper, which is at a height of 20 Ft.

Pneumatic Products are easy to install and use as every industry has a compressor which is the source of compressed air and there is no need of electric connection for pneumatic components.