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Steel Plants / Refractories

Steel Plants / Refractories
Steel Plants / Refractories

In Steel Plant and Refractories, Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Amplifier cools off hot spots at a refinery unit to prevent unscheduled downtime to repair heat insulation which has fallen away. Unscheduled downtime would be extremely costly.

Pneumatic Products like Air Amplifiers occupy well in such industries, where space is also at a premium factor and the air amplifiers worked exceedingly well.


In Extrusion or Steel Plants, the Air Wipe System is used to blow excess water off extruded plastic profiles or other Metal Profiles when extruded. Previous systems were noisy and used too much compressed air.

The cone shaped blow-off profile allowed for adequate water removal inside the grooves and worked well at high speeds. The use of stainless-steel shims as a standard in the air wipes instead of weaker plastic allowed for essentially maintenance free operation.