Air Blow Gun With Lever And Nozzle

Design: Rugged Design, built to last. These type of Blowguns are machined from solid Aluminium bar stock with all other parts of brass. Due to its ergonomic design the blowgun easily fits in the palm of the operator’s hand. Even continues use does not cause any fatigue to the operator.

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    • Body –Bar stock Aluminium


    • Plunger & Nut: Brass


    • Nozzle: Combination of SS304 & Brass


    • Lever: M.S. Powder coated


    • Seals & Oring: Nitrile Rubber or Viton as per application and customer requirement


  • Tube: 4” & 12” length made up of SS304
  • For Blow- Off of dirt, dust, oil , coolant etc from the shop floor, surfaces machine working area, deep holes, crevices, geometric patterns, etc. and any hard to reach pla
  • Operating Condition: Clean Dry Air at 2 Kg/cm2 to 8 Kg/cm2


What is the inlet size of the blowgun?+
The ACE FLOW Air Blowguns come with ¼” BSP inlet.
Can I use the blowgun for liquid coolants?+
The ACE FLOW Air Blowguns are designed for the use of compressed air, but they can also be used for liquid coolants.
Does this blowgun have any plastic parts, which can be damaged easily?+
No, the ACE FLOW Air Blowgun is made of different parts made of SS304 and Brass. The Oring is made from long lasting Viton material.
How many types of air blowguns are there?+
ACE FLOW has 4 different types of blowgun, which are as follows: Push button Type Air Blowgun, Lever type Air Blowgun, Lever with Nozzle type Air blowgun and High Flow Blowgun.
What are the sizes of nozzle which comes with the blowgun?+
The ACE FLOW Air Blowgun comes with a 5 mm OD and 3 mm ID Nozzle, which is available in different lengths, 4 inch length and 12 inch length. We also make customized nozzles for our customers if its bulk order.
How much air pressure is required to use this Air Blowgun?+
The pressure can be varied as per the application. But for optimal output, it can be used at 5 kg/cm2 pressure.
Why ACE FLOW blowgun is better than other guns available in the market?+
The ACE FLOW blowgun is made of materials such as Aluminum, SS304, Brass and Viton. NO plastic parts are used. Plastic Air blowguns tends to get damaged in a span of 6-10 months. Whereas, the ACE FLOW AIR blowgun can be used for years and years.


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Innovative design
Delivers 25 : 1 air amplification and follows all health and safety regulations

High Air Flow Amplification

Full Flow – Air across entire length of Air Knife

Instant On / Off, No electricity or explosion hazard