ACE FLOW Manifolds are a convenient way to mount rows of multiple nozzles, air jets and other small blow off products to dry, clean or cool wider surfaces. It comes complete with mounting holes.

All Manifolds are available with air inlet connections on one side and connection for nozzles, air jets and other air amplification products on the other side. For smaller air flows, you may use one end connection or rear connection. Manifolds also come with inlet connection at side. For larger flows, you need to utilize the two end connections.

Two basic Manifold sizes are available with three versions for each: Two (2) outlet unit, Four (4) outlet unit and Six (6) outlet unit. There is the Standard Flow Size and for high flows, the High Flow Size for each version. A flow guide is provided for each version and size. Manifolds may be held in place with the compressed air piping or by using the mounting holes on the units.

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Innovative design
Delivers 25 : 1 air amplification and follows all health and safety regulations

High Air Flow Amplification

Full Flow – Air across entire length of Air Knife

Instant On / Off, No electricity or explosion hazard