Special Application Valves

We have developed many valves for special applications. Some of the most common valves are listed below:

  • Rotary Switch: Similar to Rotary Valves in construction, they have a common outlet and four inlet ports or vice versa. The Switch provides selection of connecting any one inlet with one outlet per position
  • Key Operated Valve: Essentially a spool type DCV this valve can be operated only by a special key provided with the valve. These valves are made mainly for applications where unauthorized or erroneous control is to be prevented.
  • Automatic Signal Lock Up Relay: these are relays which automatically lock-up the transmitted signal whcn the supply pressure falls. They are mainly used with Diaphram control valves to maintain position when supply pressure fails.
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Innovative design
Delivers 25 : 1 air amplification and follows all health and safety regulations

High Air Flow Amplification

Full Flow – Air across entire length of Air Knife

Instant On / Off, No electricity or explosion hazard