Air Jets

Air Jets are a type of Air Amplifiers. Air Jets are larger than nozzles and used when a wider area needs to be hit with the amplified air. Air Jets are significantly more efficient than nozzles although often use as much compressed air. These Air Jets are best used to replace pairs of nozzles that are used for part ejection or for blow-off applications that require greater force than that provided by air knives or air movers. Airmasters Air Jets are all made adjustable with a lock ring to assure the security of any gap setting. They have a female 1/8” NPT and made lightweight with anodized aluminum.

Four Different sizes of Air Jets are manufactured with two types of materials, Brass and Stainless Steel. AJ0001B & AJ0002B are the high force jets in Brass and AJ0001S & AJ0002S are the high force jets in Stainless Steel.

Model AJ0001B / AJ0002B / AJ0001S / AJ0002S High Flow Air Jet are physically the same size. The only difference is a larger exit opening for the amplified air flow. The high flow system is used more for cooling and light blowoff while the high force version is used mainly for heavier blowoff applications.

The Sound level for Model AJ0001B / AJ0001S is 80 dBA and for the Model AJ0002B / AJ0002S is 82 dBA at 3ft (0.91mm) at 80 psig (5.6 bar). The AJ0001B / AJ0002B Brass Air Jet and AJ0001S / AJ0002S Stainless Steel Air jet are marked to indicate the size of the air gap and can be easily set and locked into place

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  • Air Jets use a small amount of compressed air entering the annular chamber and exit via small ring nozzle at high speed over a “coanda” profile. This creates a vacuum entraining outside air converting the pressure to a high flow output while maintaining a high blowoff force. Energy cost and noise levels are reduced as a result

Model Description Air Consumption @80psi Force in Ounces Force in Grams
AJ0001B /AJ0001S Standard High Flow Air Jet – gap set at .006″ or .015 mm Maximum 11.0 7.8 212
AJ0002B / AJ0002S Standard High Flow Air Jet – gap set at .006″ or .015 mm Maximum 22.0 24.6 698