Adjustable Air Amplifiers

Adjustable Air amplifier takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce a high velocity, high volume, low pressure output air flow. It is easy to mount and maintains reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

Adjustable Air Amplifiers don’t come with Shims, they are manually adjustable with the help of a lock ring. The lock ring can adjust the air flow of the air amplifier, which can help to control the vacuum generated and the air blow off.

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Model Size (Internal Diameter) Amplification Ratio Material Air Consumption at 79.7 PSI
AIR-AMP00 ¾” 16:1 Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel 6.22 SCFM
AIR-AMP01 1-1/4” 15:1 Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel 12.45 SCFM
AIR-AMP02 2” 16:1 Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel 23.03 SCFM
AIR-AMP03 4” 17:1 Anodised Aluminium & Stainless Steel 39.83 SCFM
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What is the difference between a fixed Air Amplifier and Adjustable Air Amplifier? +
The basic difference between Fixed and adjustable Air Amplifiers is that in a fixed Air amplifier there is a fixed size of shim used to create a gap between housing and retainer, through which the air flows. Whereas in adjustable air amplifiers there is no shim and different sizes of gap can be created by the user by adjusting the retainer with the nut ring.
How is the air amplified with the air amplifier? +
The air amplifier works in the concept known as the Coanda Effect, which uses more atmospheric air and a little compressed air.
How long can the air amplifier convey the material? +
It depends on the size of the air amplifier and characteristics of the material.
Can an Air Amplifier be used for Cooling? +
Yes, Air Amplifiers can be used for Spot Cooling and other cooling applications.
What are the available materials of construction for the Air Amplifiers? +
The Air Amplifiers are available is Aluminium, SS304, SS16L and Zinc.
How do I set the gap on the Adjustable Air Amplifiers? +
To change the gap, loosen the lock ring and back out or tighten the inner sleeve until the desired gap opening is reached. After setting the gap opening to the desired dimension, tighten the lock ring to hold it in place.

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Made of HE 30 Aluminium

SS 304

Made up of Stainless Steel SS 304

SS 316L

Made up of Stainless Steel SS 316L