Vortex Tube

Vortex tube technology was invented by French physicist Georges Ranque in 1930. Vortex Tubes are devices which generates cold air and hot air by forcing compressed air through a generator. Air enters the vortex tube and is literally split into two parts – cold air at one end, and hot air at the other – all without any moving parts

Vortex Tubes have an adjustable valve at the “hot” end which controls the volume of the air flow, and the temperature exiting at the cold end. By adjusting the valve, you control the “cold fraction” which is the percentage of total input compressed air that exits the cold end of the Vortex Tube. Our Vortex Tubes may also be supplied with a fixed preset “cold fraction” instead of an adjustable valve. Inside is the interchangeable brass “generator” which can alter the air used in the Vortex Tube, and control the temperature ranges you wish to have at the cold and hot ends. There are several ranges of generators for compressed air capacity.

A vortex tube can be made in several sizes the smallest operating with 2 to 8 SCFM and the medium size 10 to 40 SCFM and the large size 50 to 150 SCFM. Larger sizes have rare applications due to high energy consumption.

Vortex tubes generate temperatures as much as 100 deg F (56 deg C) below the inlet air temperature. These Vortex Tubes are used for different purposes and different applications.

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    • No Plastic Products. Generator are made of Brass as compared to plastic Generators of the competitors


    • No moving parts


    • Driven by air not electricity


    • Small and lightweight – portable


    • Low in cost compared to most others


    • Superior design and performance


    • Maintenance free operation


    • Made of durable stainless steel and metal parts – no


    • Adjustable temperature range


  • Generators are interchangeable


What are the sizes of Vortex Tube? +
The Airmasters Vortex Tube is bifurcated in three categories , Small, Medium and Large.
What is the minimum pressure requirement to run the vortex tube effectively? +
The Vortex Tube should be operated at 6 Kg/cm2 Pressure so that it can generate the desired cold temperature.
Can a vortex tube be used for cooling the electric panel? +
Yes you can use the vortex tube to cool down a panel, but we would recommend using the vortex cabinet cooler, which is specially made for panel cooling applications.
Can Vortex Tube be used for spot cooling applications? +
Yes, Vortex Tube can be used for spot cooling applications with the help of Ball Joint Hose. You can also go for Machine tool Coolers for spot cooling applications.
How to install the vortex tube? +
Please go through our Installation Manual and if any query, kindly get in touch with our engineer.

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Delivers 25 : 1 air amplification and follows all health and safety regulations

High Air Flow Amplification

Full Flow – Air across entire length of Air Knife

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